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Shopping the US online with your
free U.S. address.

Gain access to shopping online at any U.S. website with your U.S. address, which comes free when you register with comGateway. Simply get U.S. stores to send all your online purchases to your U.S. address, and we’ll deliver to Australia or any country worldwide.

Your free U.S. address.
Your ticket to smarter shopping.

Your virtual U.S. address also lets you enjoy a whole range of benefits that typical U.S. shipping companies do not offer-find more details below.


Shop like a local. Pay like one, too.

A number of U.S. online stores offer a wider range of products at lower prices to U.S. residents. With a comGateway U.S. address, you enjoy the same deals and lower prices that U.S. residents enjoy. For stores that do not accept credit cards without a U.S. billing address simply use our BuyForMe service and we'll make the purchase on your behalf.

Open the doors to virtually any store.

Many U.S. online stores don't deliver to Australia or other countries, while those that do tend to charge high international shipping rates. Your comGateway U.S. address gives you access to shopping at all U.S. online stores, while enjoying lower shipping rates for delivery to Australia and other countries than typical U.S. shipping companies offer.

In shipping, small is definitely beautiful.

Unlike typical U.S. shipping companies, when your packages arrive at your U.S. address, we assess them to determine if we can cut down your shipping costs by reducing the sizes of your packages or repacking them into with lighter - but very strong - packaging material. If repacking is feasible, you will be offered the option to do so when you sign into your account to manage your international shipping options.

30 days of free storage.

Whenever any of your packages arrives at your U.S. address, you enjoy 30 days of free storage (60 days for Prime Members). This is especially useful to customers who are making more than one separate purchases and are waiting for other purchases to arrive before getting us to deliver to Australia or any country worldwide.

Keeping track of things.

Your U.S. address comes with a unique Suite ID (one per customer) that allows us to match your packages to your account whenever they arrive at our warehouse.


Your U.S. address is located in one of the only five tax-free states in the U.S., Oregon. This means that you never have to pay sales-tax on any of your U.S. online purchases.


If you'd like to know what exactly goes on behind the scenes as your package gets shipped cross continental, there's more to see at out our How it works page.