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Shopping the U.S. online? We’ll ship to you in Australia at the lowest shipping rates in the industry. Plus, register with us and you’ll get a free U.S. address.

As you already know, world class U.S. merchants like Amazon, eBay, Zappos, Sephora, Polo Ralph & thousands more offer higher quality products for much lower prices than you’d find in Australian retail stores. Many of their products cannot even be found in Australia. However, many of these stores don’t ship to Australia, while those that do charge a lot for it. That’s where we come in.


Shop just about any U.S online store

Many U.S. online stores don't ship internationally to countries like Australia, while the minority that do tend to charge high shipping rates. Whichever store you buy from, we'll ship your purchases to you in Australia, and at the lowest shipping rates in the industry.

No U.S credit card? We'll buy it for you.

Many U.S. online stores only accept payment from U.S. issued credit cards/U.S. billing addresses.

Don't have one? Simply use out BuyForMe service, we'll buy the items on your behalf and get the U.S. store to have them delivered to your U.S. address. When the package(s) arrives, we'll notify you by email. Simply sign into your ComGateway account to manage your international shipping options to Australia.

Shopping, minus the worry. As it should be.

We pride ourselves on our low international shipping rates to Australia and other countries but that doesn't mean we skimp on quality. We are, after all, the official service providers for PayPal, Visa, JCB and American Express. This means better security and convenience for all your payments online. And to get your packages to you safe and sound, we partner with only the best international shipping/delivery service providers, DHL and FedEx

Never pay full price for international shipping. Ever again.

Making multiple purchases and want your packages combined into a single shipment? Want your package sizes reduced to minimize your shipping weight? Looking for free storage while waiting for other packages to arrive? This is exactly what we do for you. With us on your side, we'll help you save up to 90% on international shipping to Australia. The more you ship, the more you save!


Shop from many.
Ship from one.


Making multiple purchases from one or more U.S. stores? Get them all delivered to your U.S. address and combine them into a single shipment, to enjoy huge savings on shipping to Australia.

Here's why. In the air shipping industry, the first half kilo of shipping always costs significantly more than each subsequent half-kilo (which usually only costs a few dollars). Ship your packages from multiple purchases together in a single shipment and enjoy HUGE savings by paying for the first half-kilo only once!

Our international shipping rates are some of the lowest in town.

Sure, some U.S. sites do ship internationally to countries like Australia, but mostly at much higher rates than us. Check out our Australia shipping rates first before you get these stores to ship directly - you just might be pleasantly surprised.

We repack, you enjoy the savings.

When it comes to shipping to Australia, weight equals money. We assess every package that arrives at your U.S. address (our warehouse) to determine if it can be repacked to reduce chargeable shipping weight. If so, we will offer you the option to repack. Simply sign into your ComGateway account and manage your repack and shipping options.

Enjoy tax-free U.S Shopping

Your virtual US address (which is our warehouse) is located in Oregon which is a sales tax-free state. Therefore you will never have to pay sales tax for any of your U.S. online buys. Save between 5 to 12 % on your total on the total cost of your U.S. purchases. How's that for a sale?